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Title, author, date, background, setting, historical, theological themes, interpretive. He was given a burning in his heart, by god, to move the jewish people from their comfortableness to hard work. We need to grab hold of this at the deepest level or we will always think we deserve it. We know little about this prophet, though zechariah is a common name in the old testament at least 27 different zechariahs are mentioned in the bible. Brief commentary on the book of zechariah harbor bible. His name means yahweh has remembered, which might also be a good summary of the prophetic work that bears his name. The bible fellowship union began publishing a journal in 1924 the bible students monthly. Title the universal tradition of both jews and christians endorses the prophet zechariah as author.

The prophet zechariah wrote chapters 18 approximately 520518 b. And do not plot evil in your hearts against one another. The development of zechariah and its role within the twelve x this first volume focuses on the composition of zechariah. Most would be amazed to learn that zechariah, with only fourteen chapters, is quoted about forty times in the nt. This booklet is a study of the book of zechariah from a traditional, non denominational.

Zechariah s prophetic ministry took place in the postexilic period, the time of the jewish restoration from babylonian captivity. The chief purpose of zechariah and haggai was to rebuke the people of judah and to encourage and motivate them to complete the rebuilding of the temple zec 4. A chapterbychapter study of the old testament book of zechariah. This zechariah has of old been connected with 2 chronicles 24. Outline of the book of zechariah zechariah zechariah was a prophet of a priestly lineage who had returned to jerusalem with zerubbabel that the temple of jehovah may be built cf. Bible study guide book of zephaniah saturday, november 3, 2012 background on zephaniah in zephaniah 1. Zechariah where the world comes to study the bible. Then he will bring out the capstone to shouts of god bless it. Zechariah was an existing prophet of the day with haggai and. Zechariah stands at the end of the ot and functions as a capstone for many earlier texts. Zechariah 3 the work of the son pdf 4 per page pdf introduction.

Zechariahs message is intended to bolster the jews confidence in the lord almighty that he will keep all his promises both for evil and for good haggai 2. The reason for this supposition is probably that in the hebrew bible the chronicles are placed at the very end. Zechariah has learned and understood the lessons of the past, as had daniel and haggai, ezra and nehemiah. Key personalities are zechariah, zerubbabel and joshua. Certainly this cluster of names with such rich meanings is suggestive.

It is believed that zechariah began his work during the second month of haggais fourmonth ministry and continued for a few years thereafter. The book of zechariah contains the clearest and the largest number of messianic about the messiah passages among the minor prophets. This document has been generated from xsl extensible stylesheet language source with renderx xep formatter, version 3. Zechariahs hebrew name, zekaryah, means yahweh remem. Zechariah pictures christ in both his first coming zechariah 9. Certainly this cluster of names with such rich meanings is suggestive of the encouragement given to the remnant god remembers and. Use highlighting, underlining, and take notes while you study the bible. Hag 12, though both prophets were clearly interested in spiritual renewal as well. The universal tradition of both jews and christians endorses the prophet zechariah as author. Written in 520 bc to the jews returning from the babylonian exile, zechariah encourages and exhorts gods people by laying out. Genesis, psalms, and isaiah are the most quoted books in the nt, which, considering their length and crucial contents, is not surprising.

Zechariah with book summary versebyverse bible commentary. Zechariah, the son of berechiah, the son of iddo the prophet zechariah was among. His name, common to more than 29 ot men, means the lord remembers. Exploring zechariah, volume 1 society of biblical literature. Over the past three decades, biblical research has adopted a wide array of approaches collected under the field of study called literary criticism. The prophet zechariah is just one of over thirty men named zechariah in the old testament. This summary of the book of zechariah provides information about the title, author s, date of writing, chronology, theme, theology, outline, a brief overview, and the chapters of the book of zechariah. Upon the four and twentieth day of the eleventh month, which is the month shebat.

Abel then would be a man out of the first and zechariah a man out of the last book of the old testament. The bible conveys gods message the bible consists of 66 books, written by approximately 40 different human authors, over a span of 1500 years and in varying places. Zechariah, whose name means whom jehovah remembers, is identified 1. Study scripture verses and use highlighting, underlining, and take notes in the bible.

The words of zephaniah contain one of my favorite verses. His name, common to more than 29 old testament men, means the lord remembers. Before the temple completed, and then wrote chapters 914 approximately 480 b. Zechariah and the bible zechariah is virtually unknown in the church todayand it is our great loss. Summary page for preaching outline and commentary on the book of zechariah including big idea statement and some notable quotes. This booklet is a study of the book of zechariah from a traditional, nondenominational. A study in inner biblical exegesis, in bringing out the treasure. The only details we have about this zechariah come from ezra 5 and 6.

Hudson since its inception, and included many of his articles. Volume 1the development of zechariah and its role within the twelve. The book functions like a lens that helps focus and fill. Some bible students see in this chapter the restatement of the ten. Zechariah died hundreds of years earlier, before 800 b. Before zerubbabel you shall become a plainand he shall bring forth the headstone thereof with shoutings, crying, grace, grace unto it. The king james version of the holy bible bible study guide. Let us begin our devotional study by reading in the prophecy of zechariah. And yet, it clearly communicates a single message without contradiction. Who is zephaniah and why is he important in the bible. The occasion is the same as that of the book of haggai see background. In that respect, its possible to think of the book of zechariah as a kind of miniature book of isaiah. Compare the parables of the seats of honor and the great banquet in luke 14 the four horns and four craftsmen 1. The lord who rules over all says, turn to me, says the lord who rules over all, and i will turn to you.

In 1989 he also published bible students in britain s the story of a hundred. Among the prophets, this is a unique introduction with its long list of fathers back to zephaniahs great. In zechariah we learn that only the messiahchrist, the angel of the lord, the branch and the stone zech 3, and the priest upon his throne zech 6 can save his people. In this study we begin a new series on zechariah, an old testament prophet. The book of zechariah is an extraordinary and clearly inspired book of the bible. Zechariah ben jehoiada was the last martyr in the last book of the hebrew bible, chronicles, so jesus may have been speaking canonically, the. Although the name zechariah was common among the hebrew people twentyeight zechariahs are mentioned in the old testament, there are bible teachers who identify the zechariah of this book with the zacharias whom our lord mentioned in matthew 23. Show loving devotion and compassion to one another. The nwt study bible is complete with cross references, maps, and an accurate bible dictionary. Pdf the book of zechariah 2018 edition gary everett, mdiv. Brief commentary on the book of zechariah the book of zechariah is called the apocalypse of the old testament. In zechariahs first three visions in chapters 12 we are presented with a picture of.

The king james version of the holy bible by anonymous. Zechariah and haggai were contemporaries, though neither mentions the other. This book is second only to isaiah in the breadth of the prophets writings about messiah. It gives us some unique insight into the very workings of the mind of god, beginning even with the name of the book itself. His ministry haggai had been preaching in judea since august 29, 520 bc when zechariah joined him sometime in october or november of that same year 1. Book of zechariah overview insight for living ministries.

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