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January 18, 2018 16 comments universal netboot installer unetbootin is a portable tool for windows and linux that you use to download and install various linux distributions to a system partition or usb drive without the need to burn the distribution. Puppy linux however, is not built for your average user. Recover files from windows drives using puppy linux. Puppy linux discussion forum view topic mac changer gui 1. Macpup is a minimalist desktop linux distribution based on puppy linux. This is nestled amongst a number of other useful default programs such as a. But, you can try it and see how it works out for you. The puppy installer application is also used to install apps onto puppy. Howto change network interface name in linux permanently. An open source implementation of the domain name system dns protocols, a dns server and resolver.

Puppy boots into a ramdisk and, unlike live cd distributions it loads into ram. This allows for improved software availability and installability. Etcher pro is the next stage in etchers journey, and an expansion of etchers vision and focus. It was just a small project to see if puppy linux would work on that old thing. Lxpup offers the openbox window manager, lxpanel panel manager and pcmanfm file manager.

Cdburning software has a special menu option for burning an iso file on cd. Etcher pro is a standalone hardware device that allows you to write to multiple cards or usb disks at once, at extreme speeds. Puppy linux discussion forum view topic how to spoof. My imac has that issue from time to time and requires draining all power to get it to boot. If it dont work out, you can move on to the next linux. Try macchanger, is a software that is preinstalled in pentesting distro like kali, but it should be also in ubuntu repo.

Puppy linux, easy linux, containers, quirky, french, easyos, polish, portugese, spanish, german, barry kauler easy is a new paradigm for a linux distribution, a blend of the best ideas from puppy and quirky, and a fundamental rethink of the security, maintainability and easeofuse. Ive noticed this pet does not support a menu entry, is there any chance of. Puppy is a fullfledged operating system bundled with application suites covering a wide variety of tasks which can be used productively by general users. Too bad there isnt a macchanger for other linux distros. Puppy linux is a unique family of linux distributions meant for the homeuser computers. A mac address is a unique and hardcoded address programmed into network devices which cannot be changed permanently. A crossplatform and open source web proxy cache application for linux and windows oses. In some situations you need to fake change spoof a mac address of your network interface. Macpup uses the enlightenment window manager as its default desktop. Whats different here is that puppy is extraordinarily small, yet quite fullfeatured. Mac address spoofing is a technique for temporarily changing your media access control mac address on a network device. Because puppy is based on ubuntu, there arent likely to be. Because of the small size of the systems core files, puppy linux can be installed and run from a cd as a live cd or from other sources such as a hard drive or usb drive. Dropbox requires python which is in the utilities category of the lucid puppy package manager.

Ready to use all tools for common daily computing usage already included. The second version is called slacko, which is built upon the slackware binaries. From here, you can change system settings, such as your network configuration. For example, in ubuntu youd click the network icon on the top panel, click edit connections, select the network connection you want to modify, and then click edit. The way puppy is designed, if you use a frugal type install, software can be installed as an sfs squash file system package. Puppy also has the capability of installing deb, rpm and tgztxz packages from debian family, red hat family and slackware family of linux operating systems. Gnu mac changer gnu mac changer is an utility that makes the maniputation of mac addresses of network interfaces easier.

Find the mac address of the ports you wish to change their names. It was a roaring success and started up with out any glitches even though forcing the macbook to boot from the cd was another matter all together. Linux users who want to run windows applications without switching operating systems have been able to do so for years with wine, software that lets apps designed for windows run on unixlike systems. Barry kauler is an australian professor in early retirement. Linux is is actually a very well developed operating system, and some people argue it is the best os, even better than windows. Our network card has at least two addresses or identificators, the ip address we all know which can be dynamic and the physical address, the mac address. I like to think of macpup as the offspring of mac and puppy linux. There are many puppies built with woof, including tahrpup, precise, wary, racy, and slacko. Macchanger download for linux apk, deb, eopkg, ipk, rpm.

Each puppy distro built by woofce is a distinctive distribution. I had read a lot of cock and bull about pressing various. How and why to change your mac address on windows, linux. The first is an ubuntu based release called tahrpup, by using this version the user is able to take advantage of all software and support from ubuntu. Software sites tucows software library shareware cdroms software capsules compilation cdrom images zx spectrum doom level cd featured image all images latest this just in flickr commons occupy wall street flickr cover art usgs maps. How to change network interface names permanently in linux consistent. Another feature would be to automatically randomize the mac addresses for both lan and wifi without user intervention each time you restart or log back in. Ibiblio also hosts the puppy specific packages pet used to build puppies as. It uses enlightenment as the default window manager and provides a user interface resembling that of apples mac os x.

The linux lite distro is coming as plug and play and ready to work out from the box. On the ethernet tab, youd enter a new mac address in the cloned mac address field, and then save your changes. Puppy boots into a ramdisk and, unlike live cd distributions that have to keep pulling stuff off the cd, it loads into ram. Slacko puppy is built from a puppy builder system named woofce woofce at github, which can build a puppy linux distribution from the binary packages of any other distro. Puppy linux is an opensource operating system designed to use minimal system resources, ensuring that the operating system runs well even when installed on older systems. Ease of use grandpafriendly certified relatively small size 300 mb or less. You can verify whether you burned the cd correctly by. Latest linux distribution releases the always uptodate. Here you can enjoy the freedom of using lots of amazing best linux software which comes free of cost mostly. But unquestionably the linux environment is not like that. A common sign of a failed boot from a usb 3 or newer port is the dropping out to initialramdisk console result of the searching for puppy files in computer disk drives. Install linux without cd by martin brinkmann on august 28, 2008 in linux last update. Jack wallen details why macpup, a maclike twist on puppy linux, might be a good choice for cashstrapped shops. Lucid puppy a version of puppy linux that is designed to use the ubuntu software repository.

This means that all applications start in the blink of an eye and respond to user input instantly. Being a new linux user, sometimes you may feel your linux system is scary and confusing if you recently have come from windows or mac os. The mac address is in the 2nd osi layer and should be seen as the physical address of your interface. Go over one of my favorite small linux distributions.

How to spoof the mac address of a network interface on linux all. Lxpup is a version of puppy linux using the lxde desktop environment and is an updated descendent of loukitchous lxpup. Puppy linux is an evolutionary operating system for computers, based on gnulinux. Macpup a version of puppy linux designed to look move like mac os, giving it improved eyecandy and a slicker interface. Macchanger encfs encrypted folders for puppy pcryptpdircrypt how to install ettercap maninthemiddle suite. Puppy linux links additional software pets, n stuff. The same might work for a wifi dongle if the driver supports it. It is a small, light os, it runs in ram and is very fast. Updates readme fixes a broken header updates autotools files. How to find and change the mac address on linux linux hint. Macis puppy linux is a beautiful but light linux simplifiedchinese distro.

After downloading and burning the pupply linux iso on a disk, i tried to boot my macbook with it. Puppy linux is a collection of multiple linux distributions comes with extraordinarily small, yet quite fullfeatured. If you are looking for a solid computing experience other than the x and the mini editions in the 16. This means that all applications start in the blink of an eye and respond to user input. Mac addresses are unique identifiers on networks, they only need to be unique, they can be changed on most network hardware. Apple gnu linux mac qubes os red hat secure subgraph ubuntu unix windows. Get to know bionicpup, the latest version of puppy linux. Simplicity linux digs deeper than its puppy linux pals. Gnu mac changer is an utility that makes the maniputation of mac addresses of network interfaces easier. Macchanger utility for manipulating the mac address of. The refit running on one usb is finding the linux on the other usb, but the boot ends up hanging on the black screen with the blinking cursor. Simplicity linux is generally easy to use, but the puppy linuxcentric software requires a bit of a learning curve for users used to debian linux derivatives. Puppy linux is a very smart linux distribution, which was developed by barry kauler.

My experience with dropbox on puppy is that it does not run on boot up. Linux wifi pentesting distribution built off tiny core linux and inspired by. The linux lite distro is coming as plug and play and ready to run from the box. Does anybody here use puppy linux as their main os. We will talk about the system requirements, productivity, effectiveness, pros, cons and all other aspects of the os. Puppy linux vs slax detailed comparison as of 2020 slant. In this article we are not going discuss the variations of linux distros, instead of that we will be talking about the puppy linux tahr 6. As linux users, we sometimes need to change the mac address of our network adapters. Os x apps run on linux with winelike emulator for mac.

Gentoo linux kernel netbsd opensuse plan 9 puppy arch. I use a script to execute the dropbox daemon from the rootstartup folder. Display of mac information under puppy linux doesnt. Macpup is a full featured system right out of the box with apps for office, graphics, multimedia, internet and much more. Macpup a minimalist linux distribution based on puppy linux. Any true router knows how to spoof its mac address. This process is also called spoofing or faking a mac.

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